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טיולי דייג בפוג׳ירה איחוד האמירויות הערביות

The Ultimate Luxury Fishing Trip in Fujairah UAE




LIVE BAITS if you really want to...

Fishing trips in Fujairha include five full days of fishing

Five star hotel with a huge swimming pool and a private beach.

The packages include flights from Israel (other locations are optional) and transfers to the hotel and back. (Kosher food is an option)

We at FISHUAE.COM take care of everything for you!

You just have to catch the fish ...

The Fishing In Fujairah 

A major advantage of fishing in Fujairah is that unlike other regions in the world it is that the season lasts a full 12 months i.e. all year round! In fact, summer fishing is as good as the winter months. Although only hotter.
We catch fish in the summer and during the year season yellow fin tuna, long-tail tuna, dorado and merlin.

Striped Merlin and black merlin are caught in the hot summer months, and for the past three years this season has stretched to the cooler months of October, November and December. This is great news as we can now offer Merlin fishing trips for 6 months a year, when in our good days we released 2 black Merlins and 2 striped Merlins in 2 consecutive fishing days.

A more common fish is the Sailfish that frequently troll the area during the cooler winter months, and are also caught with high frequency.

We work exclusively and in full cooperation with Soolyman Sport Fishing

Soolyman boats release more than 50 Sailfish every year! Which makes the fishing trips in Fujairah a great if not the best location in the world for sport fishing anglers around the world.

In Fujairah there are many species of fish, the main species we are targeting are black and striped merlin, sailfish (SailFish), yellow fin tuna, long-tailed tuna, dorado, wahoo, Treveli, amberjack, rainbow runner, great barracuda, red snapper and large of variety of groupers.

Please note: FISHUAE.COM and Soolyman Sportfishing, strongly recommend catching and releasing fish for the future of our sport, we only catch and release mostly marlin and sailfish. We do not have to kill these fish to enjoy them. However, we will still be happy to filet other fish if you would like to keep them and dine, the hotel chef we work with will be happy to prepare the fish you caught for you!

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The forecast in Fujira

Feel free to follow the link below to watch Fujira's forecast. Fujira's unique location allows it to provide excellent fishing conditions for most of the year.

But for more insurance to keep up with the forecast.

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